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General Questions
FonGenie service is provided for ($5) five dollars for your trial of any plan for the first month, and your cost from the second month will be dependent on the plan you choose and the usage. Please refer to the pricing page for details. You may contact the FonGenie support team (email:, phone: 650-200-4400 or 877-755-3377) if you have questions.
This is one of our key differentiators as FonGenie does not require anything extra. FonGenie works with your existing infrastructure - your existing telephone and telephone services provided by your phone company.
Once your account is setup, you have the option to receive telephone call from your customers to the newly assigned telephone number from FonGenie or simply setup a call forwarding from your existing telephone number to FonGenie.
When calls are picked up by FonGenie, it will play the greeting populated by you. E.g. If you have typed, "Thank you for calling my business", your customers will hear "Thank you for calling my business".
Once FonGenie answers the call from your customer, it will play the necessary greetings and menus set by you. Whenever your customer presses a key such as 0 or 1 from their key pad, it will ring your phone and you are connected with the caller.
You can simply setup a call forwarding from those telephone numbers to your newly assigned FonGenie telephone number. Also, if your business requires multiple FonGenie telephone numbers, you can request them.
Absolutely! All you have to do is setup a call forwarding to your newly assigned FonGenie telephone number.
Absolutely! You are able to use and publish this number as your primary or secondary business telephone number.
FonGenie does not make any changes to your telephone service or your telephone. Also, we are not a phone company nor provide telephone services. Just simply pick up the phone and make the telephone call like you are doing so now.
FonGenie does not require a full-time Internet connection at your place of business, but an Internet connection is required to make changes to your configuration, view your real-time reports and more.
Absolutely! FonGenie works with any telephone services already provided to your business. FonGenie does not distinguish and it's fully compatible with traditional phone services provided by companies such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, VoIP or any dial-tone service provided to you.
FonGenie provides its own interactive voicemail, which can be turned on or off, but if you elect to use your existing answer machine or voicemail service provided by your telephone company you can do so.
FonGenie is designed to handle all your incoming calls through the its proprietary system at its network operations center interconnected to all major telephone networks. The amount of concurrent incoming calls to your system is virtually unlimited.
Using FonGenie
Absolutely! Once your account is setup, you can simply select male or female voice to greet your customers.
Absolutely! You can define your business hours or day of the week you want FonGenie to answer your calls.
You can simply tell FonGenie to call your cell phone when your customers want to speak with you.
FonGenie keeps track of all your incoming telephone calls to your business including information such as who called, what menu items they listened to prior to making a reservation or ordering, or how many callers needed to learn the business address or hours of operation and much more.
This will change with the new dynamic menu page. A basic menu allows you to define up to 3 prompts. Thank you for calling my business, please press 1 for reservation, press 2 for our address and direction, press 3 to listen our unadvertised special of the day. vs advanced menu give you a total of 6 prompts.
FonGenie simply requires a web browser from your PC, Mac or your smart phone to manage your account.
FonGenie's staff located in Mountain View, CA is available via both telephone and email during our standard business hours. Telephone support is available Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm PST and email support is available 24/7.
FonGenie was built specifically for small business owners like you. FonGenie's job is to help business owners close sales quicker, build business, boost revenue and create operations operational efficiencies.
You can use Twitter from their web site or simply from your cell phone or via SMS to command FonGenie to change how it greets customer in real-time without using a PC.
FonGenie is currently only available on major metropolitan areas. This is changing on a weekly basis as we are adding and supporting additional cities and markets.
Unfortunately, FonGenie is currently providing its service only to US business owners only.
Billing & Payment
FonGenie accepts VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover for your monthly subscription.
Yes, you may use a debit card provided by your financial instituion backed by a major credit card company (Visa and MasterCard).
You have the ability to update or change your billing and account information any time conveniently by logging into your account and going to the Account Manager.
It will be shown as FonGenie, Inc.
FonGenie will be billing you on the last day of each month.
Your complete billing history is accessable by logging into your account and going to the Account Manager.
FonGenie Glossary
 FonGenie telephone number
The phone number provided by FonGenie to the user for the service. This phone number is unique for each FonGenie user.
 Auto attendant
A common term for an IVR menu. See IVR.
“Interactive Voice Response.” This is an industry term for Auto Attendant and typically refers to an automated voice that offers the caller choices based on what they are looking for (example: “press 1 for customer service.”).
 Caller ID
The information given about the caller; usually the caller’s phone number.
 Call forward
This is a feature provided by your local telephone company that allows an incoming call to your business be redirected to a mobile telephone or other telephone number such as the FonGenie telephone number.
This is as it implies, the text that you type in the specified fields is run through a program that turns it into audio sounds.
A free Web 2.0 service that allows users to post short, frequent messages to your account and allow others to follow what you are doing. Often called, “microblogging.”